Feeling What God Feels

True love will always require emotion! But what is appropriate emotion in an age of over-stimulation and under-application. Where you can watch an incredibly a “tear-jerking” movie and then a “side-splitting” comedy all in the same night. How can you “feel” after your…


NUMB 1 – The Assault

Where do these hostile thoughts come from? These painful memories so unresolved? Why do they besiege my soul? How can I find refuge? My mind is battered by conversations that never…


Unshakable – God Likes You

We don’t need a new life, we just need a new perspective about our lives. If God can change our perspective of our circumstance, He can change our experience of…


Raising Your Faith From the Dead

The Bible says, “Let patience have it’s perfect work, that you may be perfect, complete and lack nothing.” Many of us would like to lack nothing in the external world. That’s okay,…


Hearing God’s Voice

What keeps us from hearing and obeying God’s voice? How would it change your life if you could hear it? How would it help you in your marriage . .…


God & Science – What Albert Einstein Wished He Knew

Albert Einstein wrote, “Our situation on this Earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here, involuntarily, and uninvited . . . for a short stay… without knowing why. To me…


2029 – Church of the Future – Accepting Church

The command to genuinely love our neighbor has never been rescinded. It remains today as a directive from the God of compassion to all of His true followers on Earth. Whole-heartedly accepting and loving all people, no matter who they are, what they believe, or what they have done, is…

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2029 – Church of the Future – Authentic Church

Authentic has been defined as, “conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief.” Is our relationship with Jesus so real, so authentically factual, that those around us want to trust, rely on and believe in the God we follow? This is the question of the age.

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2029 – Church of the Future – Discerning Church

Do good and evil actually exist, and is there still a need to discern the difference? Has our 21st Century culture somehow been liberated from the need to distinguish truth from lies? Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary, defines the word discern, “to see or understand the difference…between good and evil,…

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2029 – Church of the Future – Eternal Church

When Heaven meets Earth, they won’t be strangers. Having dreamt of one another since the beginning of time, their joining will be a completion, not an introduction. Just as a true prophecy from God often confirms what is already planted in our hearts, so being in the presence of God…

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2029 – Church of the Future – Transparent Church

As God desires Earth to reflect Heaven, He longs for Christians to reflect Jesus. Heaven is a transparent place where a transparent God dwells. He calls His bride to be visible and transparent not just before Him, but also before those He loves on Earth. The Book of Revelation gives…

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2029 – Church of the Future – Virtual Church

Throughout history our God-given need to communicate has progressed dramatically from: oral to written, smoke signals to story telling, pigeons to pony express, printing to typewriters, telegraph, telephones and televisions, radio to satellites, cell phones and search engines, computers to chat rooms, internet to email, broadcasting to broadband, instant messaging…

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2029 Church of the Future – Dying Church

What will become of us? Will we degenerate into The Church in a Maze, cowering in delirium and delusion, sending up pleas of desperation for a heavenly shuttle to whisk us away? Or will we emerge from the charred remains of a burned-over Western church to take our rightful place as TheAmazing Church, having conquered…

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Are You Confident About Your Destiny in God?

Are we confident and enthusiastic about our destiny in God? If there is no Creator, we have no destiny. If we evolved as a cosmic coincidence, from blobs or slime or frogs, then we have no ultimate purpose and no eternal value. We have no future of any consequence outside of God. Man’s ego does not give him a future. God’s will alone gives us a future….

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Are You Prepared For What’s Ahead?

Are you aware of and prophetically prepared for what’s ahead? Paul the Apostle, after being told, chains and tribulations await him if he went to Jerusalem. He responded, “But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my…

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Awakened 1 – Introduction

The Holy Spirit has made it exceedingly clear to me that unless there is a mighty move of God in America, the Church cannot be revived, nor the lost awakened. The Church is not ready. Not unless we pray and obediently believe for a revival of His Spirit.

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Awakened 2 – Defining Desperation

Revival comes only from above. Yet, in cooperation with all that God longs to do in our lives, may the flame of the next great awakening ignite each of our hearts and spread around the world. As Samson once tied fiery foxtails together to scorch the work of the enemy,…

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Awakened 3 – Life and Death Prayers

Have you ever considered the possibility that the most strategic person to pray and believe for the salvation of those we love is…us? We may be their best shot at dodging Hell and entering Heaven. If this is so, perhaps the real need is that we wake up and begin…

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