Hearing God’s Voice

What keeps us from hearing and obeying God’s voice? How would it change your life if you could hear it? How would it help you in your marriage . . . with your children . . . in business decisions? How would your life change if you could tap into God? Francis shares his journey on…


Raising Your Faith From the Dead

The Bible says, “Let patience have it’s perfect work, that you may be perfect, complete and lack nothing.” Many of us would like to lack nothing in the external world. That’s okay, but the external world is temporary . . . here for a few moments. What we truly want in life is to lack nothing in…


NUMB 1 – The Assault

Where do these hostile thoughts come from? These painful memories so unresolved? Why do they besiege my soul? How can I find refuge? My mind is battered by conversations that never end. Run away emotions, assault at will. A plague of doubt infects my very being. Foreign armies invade my inner life. Thought wars, self hatred, depression, a legion…


God & Science – What Albert Einstein Wished He Knew

Albert Einstein wrote, “Our situation on this Earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here, involuntarily, and uninvited . . . for a short stay… without knowing why. To me it is enough to wonder at the secrets.” Einstein, one of the most intelligent men of our time, admitted he was stumped . . . that he didn’t know the origin or…


Feeling What God Feels

True love will always require emotion! But what is appropriate emotion in an age of over-stimulation and under-application. Where you can watch an incredibly a “tear-jerking” movie and then a “side-splitting” comedy all in the same night. How can you “feel” after your emotions have been played like a yo-yo? Does God really care about our emotional responses?


Unshakable – God Likes You

We don’t need a new life, we just need a new perspective about our lives. If God can change our perspective of our circumstance, He can change our experience of life. We believe that this is the will of God for each of us. Jesus wants to change how you experience life. He promised, “I…


Church Wounds – Hypocrisy & Insensitivities

Who can know the depth of a person’s pain? Who, but God! He alone has been with us, especially during the most heart-wrenching moments of our lives. He saw the injustice. He heard the hurtful words. He loved us through every poor decision. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody…

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Church Wounds – Judgmentalism & Controlling Spirit

Many times in life, the quick fix is the wrong remedy. The Bible repeatedly stresses this from a variety of angles. No matter what has happened to us or those we love, it is less than helpful if our response is retaliatory. Matters become worse when we attempt to overcome…

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Courage – Building Bridges & Healing Breaches

C. S. Lewis wrote this, “We never love anyone too much. The trouble is always that we love God or perhaps some other created being too little.” All of us have missed opportunities to have said or done something. It will take courage to swing again, after striking out.

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Courage – Courage to Believe

Not many things amazed Jesus when He was on this Earth. Not many! But, one thing stood out, and frankly still amazes me today. The Bible says, “…because of their unbelief, (Jesus) couldn’t do any miracles…he was amazed at their unbelief.” (Mark 6:5) In Heaven, beyond the blindness of Earth,…

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Courage – The Courage to be You

Why am I here? What is God’s purpose? What does He want to do in me that would bring out the best in my life? It will take courage to ask the right questions and then take bold action. All of us need to be willing to hack through a…

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Courage – The Gift of Commitment

There are four questions that come to mind when we are considering stepping out in courage. First: Is it really that serious, or am I overreacting? Second: Is there anyone else who can do it? Third: What if I die? Lastly: Can I live with myself if I don’t do what…

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Courage – The Gift of Conviction

Each of us will either face our fears or cower from them. Victory in life requires courage. The most renowned American pilot during a war was Eddie Rickenbacker. By the end of World War 1, he had earned the Medal of Honor. When Eddie was asked how he did it…

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Courage – The Gift of Perseverance

Irving Roth, an 84-year old Auschwitz Death Camp survivor, shares before the message, about surviving the Holocaust. It is a chilling account, told by an incredibly authentic and humble man. It is the prelude to Francis’ message on Courage and the Gift of Perseverance.

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Dad of Your Dreams

You and I are wired for perfect love. God is the Father we always wanted. He is the perfect Dad each of us desires and needs. Yet, many of us had fathers who were far less than ideal. Though it may be unsettling to retrieve the priceless value of past hurts caused by fathers,…

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Developing the Heart of a Champion

In the Christian life, success means becoming one of God’s champions. It’s not an option. The Bible provides a clear strategy on how that can happen. Studying the life of the patriarch Joseph provides a clear view of the heart, character and fruit of a champion.

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Do I Have a Real Relationship with the Real Jesus?

Do I have a real relationship with Jesus? Would someone look at my life and see an obvious presence or absence of the Holy Spirit. His peace and power in my life? What do I see when I look at my life?

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Elephant in The Church – Desperate Sex Lies

Francis discretely shares. In my youth, “I believed and acted out, desperate sex lies. It is always embarrassed. Talk about it. I have a beautiful wife, two gorgeous daughters, son-in-laws and (seven) grandkids. (All) part of the church here. And it is awkward to talk about the areas in my life that…

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Hi, it’s Francis, so glad you stopped by to see and hear something that might very well change your life. May you be truly blessed!

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