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KLOVE Radio Features – July 2021

FACING YOUR GIANTS All of us want to know what our future will be like. Especially, so we can prepare. Here’s a hint. You will meet the biggest giants you’ll ever face in life, not in your wilderness of wandering, but in your land of promise; not in your seasons of deprivation, but after you’ve stepped into your inheritance. I’m convinced it’s healthier for me to believe that God is equipping me for greater challenges ahead, rather than to mistakenly…

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KLOVE Radio Features – June 2021

THEN WHAT? – A pastor friend told me about how Jesus delivered him in his early 20’s out of alcoholism and a promiscuous lifestyle. But, even though he had been truly born again, the temptations didn’t stop. In the process of having his life restored, he decided to take piano lessons. During his first lesson, the female instruction made an aggressive pass at him. Newly married, but for a moment tempted, after her suggestive invitation, he turned and said these insightful…

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Saved in a revival (The Jesus Movement), on Mother’s Day (because of my mother’s prayers), I have passionately lived for Jesus since 1972. My heart longs to see a move of God again, sweep America and the world. As an evangelist for 20 years, a pastor for 25, and an author of 13 books, I have the privilege of being heard daily across America, on KLOVE Christian radio, now for over a decade.

What blesses my life most is a beautiful wife (Suzie) since 1975, identical twin daughters (Deborah and Havilah), who are each mighty women of God, two wonderful son-in-laws (Daniel and Ben), and seven incredible grandchildren (Judah, Gabriella, Hudson, William, Wesley, Grayson and Beckham).