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Loving  Your  Life!         


THE “DREAM” RELATIONSHIP – Are you looking for a committed relationship with someone incredible who will be utterly faithful to you all the days of your life? Sounds fantastic. You could call it “The Dream Relationship of All Time?” It’s not a pipe dream. God wants a relationship with you infinitely more than you want a relationship with Him. Everything He does is designed to bring us into a relationship with Him. Even when we mess up, He tries to win…

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DREAM BIGGER . . . NOT SMALLER – Is your vision for your life increasing or shrinking? Are your thoughts about your future getting larger or smaller, believing for more or less? Satan knows all that’s ahead for him is isolation and insignificance; therefore, his primary goal is to make our lives shrink into meaninglessness. He will spend eternity wallowing in regret in a fiery pit, while those who love Jesus will bask in all the God of Heaven can…

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Saved in a revival (The Jesus Movement), on Mother’s Day (because of my mother’s prayers), I have passionately lived for Jesus since 1972. My heart longs to see a move of God again, sweep America and the world. As an evangelist for 20 years, a pastor for 25, and an author of 13 books, I have the privilege of being heard daily across America, on KLOVE Christian radio, now for over a decade.

What blesses my life most is a beautiful wife (Suzie) since 1975, identical twin daughters (Deborah and Havilah), who are each mighty women of God, two wonderful son-in-laws (Daniel and Ben), and seven incredible grandchildren (Judah, Gabriella, Hudson, William, Wesley, Grayson and Beckham).