Father Wounds


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As an abandoned and abused son, my soul suffered long-term destruction. But my wounded heart was exactly what God wanted to heal and restore. I discovered God is the Father I always wanted. He’s the perfect Dad I needed all along.God can help you forgive the parent who hurt you. He wants to heal you completely and use you mightily in the lives of others! Today is the day to step into the wholeness and destiny God has for His children!

“Father Wounds is your best work so far. Your honesty opens the heart of your reader. My background is extremely similar and God has radically changed me from who was. Father Wounds touched some places in the core of my soul that had not been churned up before. I’m telling lots of people about the book, including my old pastor in Oklahoma.”


“The testimonies are still coming in and they are amazing. Last night during our Wednesday night prayer time a single mother shared with me that her two sons came to the Conference – 21 & 22 yrs. old. A deep healing took place between them and they chose to be more accountable to each other than they had. After Saturday’s session their father called them for the first time in along time and invited them over and they were more open to spending time with him due the fact that they had attended the Conf. and she said they confided in her that there visit was the best.
“Another man who had brought his adult sons (the results of a divorce) also shared how the Lord healed them after many years of separation and bitterness and on Saturday (only God) his daughter called and reconciled as well not knowing that her father and siblings were attending the Conference!
“Pastor Mark Strong and I had lunch yesterday and we were reminiscing over the Conference and couldn’t put into words all that God was doing and has done.”
– Pastor George Merriweather, Portland, Oregon


Father Wounds took me back to my dysfunctional upbringing, awakened some sleeping giants I had “stuffed”, and challenged me to hand them over to my True Father in Heaven for a breakthrough. Through this read and time of introspection, I have experienced personal healing and witnessed transformation in the lives of the men in our Men’s Ministry as well. Chapter by chapter, layer by layer, healing was revealed and recovered many broken parts of my soul.”
– Mike


“Your book is powerful! It will touch the very heart of the multiple generations that have been affected by Father Wounds. I will read it over and over again to let the pages wash over my soul. I don’t have enough words to say how thankful I am for the Father Wounds book.”


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