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Francis has a large library of books on a variety of topics. For a free download of Francis' most recent book, click on the button below!
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Francis Anfuso is a Pastor, Author, Speaker, and is featured daily on KLOVE radio. Click here to learn more about him!


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Francis uploads a devotional video 5 days a week and would love for you to see them. Check out the intro video here or go to his Facebook page to see the rest. Link


Francis Anfuso is a regular speaker on KLOVE and Air 1. Click Below to hear previous Features, download features or get the KLOVE App

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Featured Publications

  • Perfectly Positioned

    Our lives begin to be truly transformed when we stop asking God to change our circumstances, and allow Him to change our perspective! Behind every challenging situation there is a loving God.

  • Numb

    Unless our daily reality is greater than our inner fantasy, we’ll wander from one reality-replacement to another. When we forget what we know—we forfeit who we are......

  • Father Wounds

    As an abandoned and abused son, my soul suffered long-term destruction. But my wounded heart was exactly what God wanted to heal and restore. I discovered God is the Father I always wanted. He’s the perfect Dad I needed all along.


Francis Anfuso has written a number of books. Rollover or click to find out more about his published titles.

  • A City That Looks Like Heaven More Francis Anfuso Books
    2029: Church of the Future We’ve Got a Future
  • Church Wounds Experience The Healing
    Father Wounds He’s the Perfect Dad
  • Awakened What Would It Take
    Numb We All Fight Numbness
  • Living Perfectly Positioned Loving Life Devotional
    Perfectly Positioned Change Our Perspective
  • Identity & Destiny Fulfilling Your Destiny
    Amazon Amazon Store


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