Recognizing Breakthrough Moments

The challenge of the breakthrough moment is that it’s often hidden. You think, “This is the wrong moment! This is the worst moment! Catastrophe’s before us!” But, it’s at that moment that Moses said, “Stand still and see the salvation of God.” Esther said. “If I perish, I perish.” Paul, hearing that if he continues to Jerusalem,…


Getting Free From Pornography

It’s the second most difficult thing for Francis to talk about, next to aborting two of his children. How pornography has threatened his life since he as a young man. He remembers finding pornographic pictures in dumpsters or along the side of a road. Whenever he had access to it, it affected him, jaded him,…


God Likes You

For the first 30 years of Francis’ Christian life he didn’t think God liked him. Now, if God was an imperfect human, that would make sense. But He’s not! Each of us make decisions to like or dislike people based upon their past or present actions. But imagine being completely aware of everything a person…


Overcoming the Wounds of Our Fathers

Francis and his good friend, Michael Miller, share about the wounds of their fathers. Francis, who was abandoned and rejected by his father, tells how Dr. Martin Luther King became a father-figure to him in his childhood. While Michael shares about his father’s wounds, and a surprising conversation he had with his Dad about them.


Surviving Suicide

How do you survive suicide? One of the keys to loving your life is being able to face the most difficult things in life and not give up. Francis was suicidal for six months, many years ago. He had a failed relationship with a girl, who got pregnant. She wanted to have the baby and…


Father Wounds

Francis and Ricky share about their journeys with Father Wounds and how rampant they are in our society. They offer helpful insights on how to get healed from the wounds caused by fathers.


Facing the Unthinkable

It happens to all of us. It’s called when the unthinkable happens. We’re all, at different points, hit by left hooks from Hell or right hooks from Heaven. It doesn’t make any difference. We’re blind sided by things that take place that we’re not expecting and they can rock our world.


I Don’t Have Enough

A lot of us wake up in the morning and think, “I don’t have enough”, or we go to bed believing we didn’t have enough. It’s a struggle for many people. Yet, life is not based on super abundance. It has more to do with the “Seed Principle”. The issue is:…

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