All of us want to hear the voice of God. The inner voice that leads and guides our life. I’ve never heard God’s audible voice, but His inner voice and witness has been alive in my heart for 48 years, since I let Jesus be the Lord of my life. Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” So, when will we hear God clearest? We hear God best in winter seasons of life. During the more fragrant and obviously blessed seasons of our lives we’re frankly, too busy and too distracted. In winter, all we have is time we need. We’ve been rained-out, snowed under, or frozen solid. At last God has our attention. If we spend our time wishing winter was over, we’ll miss the best time to rest, to listen, and be restored. I remind myself that Adam and Eve were seduced in Summer. David fell in the springtime. Embrace your winters. I do believe they’re the best time for us to get to know God.