Are you experiencing an unthinkable situation? Life is filled with them! We don’t mind the “good unthinkables”: we get an inheritance, we’re healed, we fall in love, or we even accept God’s forgiveness. But it’s the seemingly “bad unthinkables”: the left hooks: the sudden death of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy, chronic pain, or a terminal illness. These are the challenges of life that rock our world. They can leave us despairing of life, and wanting to give up. Please don’t! The Bible says, “Have no fear of sudden disaster…” If we respond properly to the unthinkable tests of life, they’ll bring us to a whole new level of faith in our relationship with God. The Bible calls them, “momentary, light afflictions.” It’s true: many things catch us off guard, but nothing is a surprise to God. Every stumbling block is really a steppingstone. Every crushing disappointment is a divine appointment to go to a whole new level in God. Believe that He is with you in the middle of your unthinkables. Why? Because He really is!