Do you think God answering your prayers will make your day? It won’t! You’ll just ask Him for something else. And the merry-go-round will continue! It’s actually the road to perpetual un-fulfillment. The satisfaction you and I looking for doesn’t come from God answering our prayers, it comes from learning to love and trust Him regardless of His answer. Him answering our prayers is one of the shortest, most unfulfilling experiences in life. Trusting Him, no matter what’s happening, covers me with protective armor. It moves me from being a beggar to being His son. That’s always hoe He sees me… as a son. When you really know God, you have to trust Him. Because everything about Him is completely trust-worthy. At that point, you’ll refuse to depend on what you seem to understand. You’ll be trusting God with all of your heart, and not leaning upon your own understanding. Once we believe God is smiling at us, the best response we can ever give Him is to smile back. Trust God today, and smile back!