Are you begging God to help you? Don’t. It’s a waste of time. He doesn’t answer prayers of unbelief. Are you asking God to reveal Himself to you? Now, that’s awesome! It’s a great prayer! But we shouldn’t be surprised if God doesn’t give us new revelations of Himself until we are obedient to the old ones He’s already given us. If we mistakenly take our eyes off of all He’s revealed to us and in us, eventually our nature will lead us to focus primarily on our problems. We’re back at square one. Remember who God is, and who we are in Him. We all tend to have spiritual amnesia. Remember who you are in Jesus. A son, not a slave. How we feel is the greatest indication of what we’re looking at. Are we filled with faith or fear? Delight or dread? Hope or hopelessness? Oh, that we would see Jesus! Seeing and believing who He is, will help us remember who we are created to be. And this will make all the difference!