Are you convinced God wants you to be successful? He absolutely does! But only He knows what success looks like. We have no idea. We’d chase after rainbows, looking for pots of gold, only to realize we were chasing the wind and worthless illusions. God is a good Father, Sure He wants us to experience fulfilled lives; but unlike our earthly fathers, He’s completely capable of making our fulfillment a reality. Not based on shallow momentary pleasures, but grounded in what will last forever. The primary problem we have is that we often fail to see our lives from God’s point of view. Ask God to reveal what He is doing in and around you today. As you wade through life’s circumstances, resist the temptation to only rejoice when you are experiencing situations that please you. The truly successful followers of God have learned to eat the meals placed before them with grateful hearts. The Bible says, “In everything give thanks. And rejoice evermore.” Being thankful and rejoicing forever…starts right now!