Please don’t dismiss what I’m about to say, without hearing me out. Are you waiting for God to answer your prayers? It’s a complete waste of time! I’m waiting on God . . . not what He can do for me! God’s not my sugar daddy. The purpose of prayer is not to get answers, but to get to know God! That’s my greatest need! It’s not even that God would heal my mind or body or finances. Even miracles are not my greatest need, if I refuse to turn my attention back to God. Every temporary desire will be followed by more requests. It’s an endless cycle. I become a junkie for what God can do for me. And nobody wants to be used, not even God. At some point in life, I’ve got to find my contentment in God alone! Don’t obsess over what you don’t have. Many people battle depression because of what’s not happening in their lives. God doesn’t want to coddle me, He wants to comfort me. I don’t want to live waiting for tomorrow to begin. I want to learn to live hoping today will never end.