Are you and I blaming God for the challenges in our lives? It’s really a dead end! If we’re blaming God, it means we’re not trusting Him, but are being overwhelmed by the circumstances that challenge us every day. It means I’ve believed some lie about who God really is, and His heart for me. When we stop blaming God for our lives and begin to thank Him for the magnificent, daily opportunities He gives each of us, then Jesus truly becomes our Lord, and life becomes a joy, not a joke. This happens when we reign in every thought and humble ourselves before our Creator. When we do this, our lives are seen as a grand adventure, and not a great disaster. When I surrender my heart to Jesus He becomes the Lord of my mind and mouth! I then allow Him to remove every excuse for not loving the life He’s given me! If Jesus is your Lord, then the kingdom of God is within you. Ask God to reveal it!