I once heard some jolting news that could have been received as completely overwhelming. But God in His mercy quickly reminded me of my only responsibility. As I was marinating with concern about the seemingly insoluble issue I was facing, He spoke clearly to my heart, “You are in charge of the Respond Well Department, I’m in charge of everything else.” Wow! What a relief! For a moment, I thought I might be in trouble. Then I got my eyes back on Jesus! The world says, “Be in control!” the Word says, “Trust that God is in control!” Every challenge in life is designed to reveal our weakness and God’s strength—to make us realize, not just how desperately we need Him, but how absolutely sufficient His grace is in each of our lives. If you and I look to Him, God will give us everything we need to love the life He’s given us. What’s the only department you are in charge of? If you look closely, you’ll see it’s the same one I’m in charge of: the Respond Well Department.