Have you been severely wounded? At one time or another, all of us will be. But, at some point, we’ll have to decide: are we on a journey to be healed and help others, or attached to remaining a patient? In simple terms, do I want to end up being a doctor, helping to heal others, or a chronic patient? We may be hurt, but are we more committed to being healed, or reminiscing our pain? There is a difference between purposeful pain and pointless pain. When we hold on to a bitter perspective, we become unwilling to understand, forgive, and be healed. A far better way is to exchange your pain for His peace—to allow God to have His way. We were created to meet Jesus in the middle of our storms. Frankly, few of us have time for Him outside of the storms of life. If you let Him, God will give you the “…peace that goes far beyond your understanding.” “God, help me to stop complaining about my pain, and to accept that it’s meant to work for my good.”