Most people’s desires are not God’s desires. We’ll do anything to change the way we look—to change the shell—when God wants to transform the pearl within us. Though I totally believe in doing all we can to be physically healthy, outward transformation will never make us whole. And since the Kingdom of God can only be accessed from inside of your spirit, it follows that the wholeness we’re looking for must come from within, when we surrender our lives to Jesus. Don’t waste your time wishing for a new life. Ask God to give you a new perspective on the life He’s given you. Though this may sound funny, one of the keyways God uses celebrities is to show us that you can have everything in the material and physical world and still be unfulfilled. Embrace the life God has freely given you, not the life you wish you had. His plans are better than ours. If we’ll trust Him, we’ll get what we really need in life, and that will always be enough to make us the person we’re called to be.