Are you in the middle of a storm? Do you feel overwhelmed? It’s important that we understand the value of the storms of life, and how to unpack why God allows them. Meteorologists say that, on the ground, every storm feels the same coming in—whether it brings two inches of snow or two feet. So, we never really know which storm will bring the most challenge or the most benefit to our lives. Embrace your storms as they come; there are no accidental storms. An all-knowing God, who always has our best interest in mind, handcrafts every storm. We were created to meet Jesus in the middle of our storms. Frankly, few of us have time for Him outside of them. It often takes hurricanes and tornadoes to get our attention. We should bless God for the storms in our lives, because they help us to become fully conscious. To wake us up to see what’s most important and more intimately connected with our ever-caring Creator.