One of the most knowledgeable men I know, Mountain Mike Shreve, once told me, “Heavy winters bring more bountiful summers.” Hmm? So, the harder the winter . . . the more fruitful the summer! WOW! That’s quite a revelation. We all love Spring flowers and Summer fruit, but it’s the dying of Fall and the storms of Winter that create the most abundant harvests. My inability to fully appreciate the storms in my life merely demonstrates how shortsighted I really am. My over-dependence on temporary satisfaction usually leads me to future disappointment. God has no desire to give me peace from the storms of life. His plan is to give me peace in the storm. Peace that comes when the storm stops is temporary. Learning to have peace during the storms of life, that’s the goal. So, the next time you encounter a storm, respond well… enjoy the right, be patient, trust God, and realize the flowers of Spring and the fruit of Summer are just around the bend.