Are you resisting the gift of pain? That’s right…the gift of pain! Why do we second-guess the perfect plans of an all-wise Creator? Many times, it’s our shallow understanding that causes us to miss the point and purpose of our challenges. All that happens then is we needlessly repeat the learning process that was tailor-made just for us. Why experience the same pain twice? Embrace the value of your pain the first time! Sometimes I naively pray, “Lord, if I just didn’t have so much pain, my life would be great.” But looking back over my life, it’s been my pain that’s kept me humble. It’s my pain that’s increased my dependency on God. I thank God for the pain that kept me from destroying my life. Pain protects me when I choose to embrace it as a gift! I’m not a masochist. I don’t get pleasure out of being humbled or mistreated. But. I believe that the God-allowed pain that comes my way is meant for my good. And so rather than spend my life whining about my pain, I’m going to mine its true value.