Do you feel like your life has been shattered? If so, there’s only one cure. It’s a three-letter word: Joy! You could describe joy as “a deep sense of inner satisfaction that comes from seeing our lives from God’s perspective, and responding properly to the challenges and suffering of life.” The Bible says our lives can be “perfect, complete, and lacking in nothing”. That’s right, “perfect, complete, and lacking in nothing”, if we count it all joy when we fall into various trials. If we firmly believe, that the testing of our faith will produce much-needed patience. Things coming up roses won’t make us perfect, complete, and lacking nothing. We must allow situations to, at times, come up thorns. If we learn how to respond properly to life’s trials, it will produce the faith and patience that pleases God and ultimately allows us to experience: eternal joy. Trust God in the middle of your trials. He won’t fail you! Sooner than we know, we’ll see the value of all we’ve been through.