Want to add more joy to your life? Sprinkle in a little faith! Faith is the miraculous, eternal ingredient that activates supernatural joy in each of our lives. Whereas happiness waits to see what’s going to happen, joy blissfully opens its arms to every moment and says, “God, I can’t wait to see how this is going to work for my good!” Joy chooses in advance to see life from God’s point of view. If we want it to, Joy can come in the morning, before anything has happened to make us happy! We can choose to let fear or worry come in the morning, or, if we don’t fight for joy, even depression and disappointment. It’s always our choice! If we miss the opportunities for joy God is giving us, we can invite discouragement for breakfast, take hopelessness out to lunch, and join despair for a candlelight dinner. It’s always our call. God didn’t create us to be victims, but a victorious people who are allowing the joy of the Lord to be our strength.