Are you living the abundant life Jesus promised? It’s not some overstated promise, it’s God’s will for each of our lives. If we are genuinely following Jesus and allowing His Spirit and Word to wash our hearts and minds every day, we can live victorious, resurrected lives. So, will you know if this is taking place? You know you’re walking in resurrection life when you’re more concerned about heaven’s impression of you than Earth’s. What God thinks, more than what people think. When you’re more interested in trusting God than understanding why things are happening. Dead men have no preferences. They bask in total acceptance and complete resignation. It is God’s will for each of us to have no preference toward what’s happening, other than to obey and be at peace with what He provides. If we die daily to our own desires, we will live fully awake to the abundant life Jesus promised. For it is in dying we live. And it is in living a fully surrendered life we experience all God intended.