I don’t know what’s best for me—never have and never will. I don’t even know enough to have a strong personal preference. So, spending my life wishing things would work out is an enormous waste of my time. The smartest thingI can do… is to remain neutral: no bias, fully flexible, and yielding only to the will of God. I want to have passionate faith. I desperately want God’s will to be done in my life, but I refuse to be attached to how His will plays out in my life. I’ve done that, and it’s a dead end. I need the same amount of faith to welcome the life God gives me, as I needed when I first embraced the God who saved me. We know we’re trusting God when we STOP WISHING our lives would change. Love the life you have and joyfully receive everything God places in your life. God hasn’t lost track of you! Trust Him, and your life will work out infinitely better than you could hope or imagine. That’s His promise.