Are you struggling receiving an emotional healing for some part of your past? There were years growing up that were so dark and hopeless, if I focused on them, they’d smother any possibility of being at peace today. That’s why, when we spend our lives dwelling on yesterday, we shouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow seems to never come. If we embrace what God is doing in our lives today, the deep hurts from our past won’t seem as overwhelming as they once were. Because tomorrow’s promised to none of us, I’m committed to embracing my life today! Frankly, pre-conceived expectations often lead to bitter disappointments. At some point, we must accept that on many levels God’s given each of us the life He knows we need, not the one we wished we had. Embrace it! At the end of the day, resisting what God is doing in your life will only bring confusion. Accepting God’s will, and trusting Him to help you through every difficulty, will give you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.