Have you been feeling sorry for yourself lately? There have been significant periods of time in my life when I did as well. But, I’m reminded of an old Chippewa Indian saying that my twin brother Joseph once told me that greatly inspired him: “Sometimes I go about feeling sorry for myself, and all the time I’m being carried by great winds across the sky.” Many times, our perspective is skewed. We fail to remember that it’s been the grace of God carrying us through each of life’s tragedies. We stop reaching for the hand of a gracious God. Our fixation on self, the struggles that surround us, blinds our ability to see all God is doing behind the scenes in each of our lives. None of us have been short-changed. We are each being lavishly overpaid and blessed beyond measure. “Jesus, I want to pass the test I have failed so many times. Open my eyes to see how You are carrying me . . . even now!”