We all want to navigate life in peace. That’s why blaming God is one of the greatest deceptions and misconceptions in life. Contentment means trusting Him no matter what’s happening. It’s more of a decision than a consequence. It’s the opposite of the victim mindset and makes me responsible for my responses to life. Paul wrote, “I’ve learned in whatever state I am, there I’ll be content.” Contentment is a learned experience. Paul had the breakthrough of a lifetime because he was willing to accept God’s will, no matter how it looked. When a thought comes into my mind that attacks who God is, and the protection He promises us, I reject it, and replace it with the promise in God’s Word. This requires two choices. First: me knowing the Word of God. And second: me trusting God’s Word more than my own feelings or circumstances. The good news is . . . we get a lifetime to learn this.