In the middle of so many of life’s struggles, we can feel that life has cheated us! But, the truth is, none of our setbacks are worth dwelling on! The greatest lessons in life come from learning to respond properly to what we think is a “failure or loss”. God alone is able to use our seeming setbacks for our good—if we will continue to trust Him. Instead of sinking me, the pressures in my life actually anchor me to the One who loves me most. Every irritation is a divine invitation to go to the next level. For my relationship with Jesus to go to a whole new level is a matter of perspective, not circumstance. What’s happening inside of me is more important than what’s happening to me. And, whether my life’s an adventure or a disaster is in my court. I choose “adventure,” not because it’s easy or because I know what’s ahead, but because I’ve seen the faithfulness of the One who holds my future in His safe and loving hands.