Would you like to increase your long-term value? I think all of us would. That’s why avoiding pressure and even some measure of pain will only decrease our value. It’s the difference between coal and diamonds. Every diamond starts out as coal! And the world’s loaded with coal! But diamonds are rare. We can become God’s priceless diamonds when we respond properly to the pressures and struggles of life. But if we refuse, and give into discouragement and fear, we’ll remain “just coal”. Yesterday’s tests prepare us for the greater trials of tomorrow. They help make us the person we’ve always wanted to be. When it seems nothing’s working out; when it appears your hopes and dreams are going up in flames, will you still trust the God who promises to give you a future and a hope? Will you still allow Him to make you His treasure? “Jesus, I want to stay on the operating table, and allow you to complete your good work in me. Every challenge is meant for my good, and if I trust in you, will make me more like You.”