During these challenging days, we all find ourselves praying more. So, can I make a recommendation about prayer. Instead of praying for things to work out, what if you prayed to be content? None of us really know what “things working out” looks like anyway. Frankly, only God does. Why don’t we pray to be satisfied with whatever Jesus provides for us. You know what, that kind of satisfaction will demonstrate more than anything else that we trust God. He calls it faith! And the Bible says, Faith is what pleases God the most, and activates His best for our lives. As I look back over my life, I realize, I’ve never known what’s best for me. But, I’m learning to trust that God always does. Nothing outside of God’s promises and desires for me will bring about the satisfaction I long for. Don’t think of your life as a disaster, when God wants to make it an adventure. Once you see your life in this way, you’ll look forward to it . . . every day.