There’s only one reason why you and I don’t trust God. It’s because we don’t know Him . . . But, the reverse is also true; you can’t know someone unless you first trust him. If we knew God, we’d certainly love and trust Him; and that means trusting that He would reveal His wisdom and His understanding to us, in His timing, but not ours. If we really trusted God, we would be no more attached to God giving us clarity than God staying silent. It would make no difference to us! We’d know that the main event is not me knowing what’s going on, but, believing that God knows, and that’s all that matters. I’ve flown over two million miles on commercial airlines and never once spent a flight wondering if the pilot knew what he was doing. So, if I can trust a stranger to guide my life, not trusting God is just strange. The more I know Jesus, the more I trust Him. The more I depend upon MY own understanding, the less peace I have. Trust God and enjoy your life! It’s the only way to really live.