Do you feel like you’ve been short-changed by God? I used to feel that way, but now I reject it as the lie it is. The truth is, each of us have been lavishly over-paid. Believing this will not just affect how you process your past, but how you view your future. Has God given any of us a raw deal? Or have we merely misinterpreted the opportunities He’s sent our way. God’s Word says He’s given each of us, “…everything we need to live a godly, fulfilled life.” None of us have been short-changed. At times, we’re just short-sighted! We’ve missed seeing what God was really doing. Ask God to open your eyes to His plan. Ask Him to reveal the thoughts and intents of His heart. The God who sent His only Son to die in our place has always given us His best. Stop bowing to your circumstances. Begin to trust in the faithfulness of God. I don’t want to stand before God one day and have Him say, “Hey Francis, buddy, what were you freaking out about down there?” Yeah! What am I freaking out about? Whatever it is, it’s not real!