I love this story! And the fact that it actually happened. On a hot July day, a 33-year-old truck driver decided a change was needed in his life. He’d been sitting around for months doing nothing. So, he attached 42 helium balloons to a lawn chair and lifted off. Just in case he flew too high, he took along a pellet gun to shoot out some of the balloons. Reaching a high altitude very quickly, a shocked airplane pilot reported seeing “some guy in a lawn chair is floating in the sky at 16,000 feet!” Finally, he began to shoot out a few balloons and was able to land safely 45 minutes later. Ha! Sure, life can get pretty boring. But that’s why the Bible says, “without a vision, people live careless lives.” We don’t need a change of scenery, we just need God’s perspective for our lives. The God who makes galaxies and sunsets is not boring and predictable. And He wants to make our lives as exciting as His. But it will take faith to rise above the mundane moments in life in order to see their true value.