Church Wounds

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Our wounds don’t have to disable us. They’re meant to be a doorway into the restored life God always intended. God wants to heal us, if we want to be. For God to free us, we must allow Him to touch our pain. Church Wounds examines the most common hurts inflicted by Christians on Christians: hypocrisy, judgmentalism, leader insensitivities, and abuse, plus many more. Read the stories of those who were not just hurt—but healed; and then experience the healing yourself.


“Upon reading Church Wounds I have shed many tears. Knowing that for 20 years I hated the Church and its leaders for what they had caused in my life. I have been able to take out the arrows of hurt. For those who have not purchased Church Wounds I pray they will. It will give you a new understanding of forgiveness and compassion. Without forgiveness God cannot forgive. This book will begin to heal you both Body, Soul, and Spirit.”


After a horrible divorce, I was rejected by the church, and felt separated from God. I turned to an alternate lifestyle for twenty-two years. God’s love for me was rejected by bitterness. My life was headed into a deathtrap. In 2007, I went to church, and on bended knees I found, not a religion, but a relationship with a loving God. Though I repented from my sin, my life still had a gaping hole so big it seemed impossible to trust another church or another pastor. After reading Church Wounds, my anxieties began to heal as I reached a new level of trust. My healing has been a true deliverance by an awesome God.”
– Bobby


“I (like so many others) have been wounded in church. It’s sad but true that for a while I no longer attended church. I felt like the times I needed support most I did not get it at church. What has been so life changing about how Jesus has used your book Church Wounds in my life is I have learned to stop looking to other people for the answers. I am the church! It’s not about what others do or say for me…it’s about how I am representing Jesus to others in my life. Challenges will always be with me. I no longer look to church leaders or people to do the impossible. Jesus was the one who promised to never leave or forsake me. Now my focus has shifted from who is meeting my needs to how can I bless others…represent Him to the hurting world around me. Ironically, it’s in giving to others that I have often discovered that my own needs were met too.”
– Lorraine


“Church Wounds is an amazing composite of wisdom and answers to many questions I always wondered about. How do I deal with past hurts, and now, how do I respond to them. Am I going to let Jesus into my past? And if I do, will He really restore my relationship with the Body of Christ, and church leaders? Knowing the truth, and allowing the truth to set me free, I am willing to say YES, and give it to God.”
– Mike


“A catalyst for healing came during the ‘Church Wounds’ series, as well as reading Pastor Francis ‘Church Wounds’ book, where God unexpectedly did a miracle in my heart, healing some of the deepest areas of pain from wounds that came from leaders in church. I left that night changed.”

– Lara